Lima Mzansi

Aligning and adhering to the Paris 2050 agreement, Lima Mzansi (Plant South Africa), a non-profit organisation is committed to training and developing the previously disadvantaged, youth, women, people living with disabilities, people from rural communities giving them the scarce, critical skills and competencies they need to make a future in sustainable farming for themselves, their families and providing food for their communities and South Africa. To reduce the emission of green house gasses within the agricultural sector, all training will incorporate and raise critical awareness regarding the below essential factors:

Water Waste Management

Efficiently managing the resource of water is fundamental in agriculture, it is critical that farmers preserve water, reduce consumption and limit…

Soil Health

The state of current soil health is in serious jeopardy, however this can be easily rectified, having health soil can provide farmers with the below…

Climate Change

Climate change is affecting agricultural production on a global scale, as a result food security is in jeopardy due to environmental…

Mixed Farming

Mixed farming is a system of farming where the farmer grows crops and also rear livestock. The benefits of mixed farming is as follows…

Our Mission

To ensure that every rural and urban community in South Africa is equipped with the skills to farm and how to make a living off of farming, and to develop small enterprises. “Teaching the farmer how to farm for food security”

Our Vision

To empower South Africans to connect with their communities and create a sustainable future through mixed farming, thereby growing the economy and feeding the nation, whilst creating purpose within individuals.

Our Values

Integrity – Respect
Openness – Participation
Growth – Change & Commitment